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Never disappointed


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Currently my favorite place for asian delivery, based mostly on the size of their portions/to price ratio. High class Asian food it is not, but this is what I would refer to as Asian Mall food, and if you think of it that way, its good. The portions are large, the prices (once you see the portion size) and reasonable to cheap. Even their Sashimi (which is one of those things where the markup is usually scandalous) is reasonably priced, and fresher than some of the other places that deliver. The Tum yum while very large and sort of meal in itself -- it has fishballs, those fake crab sticks and unshelled shrimp w/head and feet (which I'm not a fan of) is a lot less spicy than I would hope -- well made tom yum is GREAT when your congested, this stuff not so much. Would I drive there, probably not, but if I lived nearby, or for delivery, its a good find


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Good food, nice prices.

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